Why Digital Twins fail… and how to achieve actual benefits

Digital Twin has become a buzzword that is utilized to describe a large range of IT initiatives within airports and organizations in general. There are some great examples of how they can support operational and production processes, but there exist also numerous examples where organizations simply start and struggle. To obtain success it is crucial to understand what a Digital Twin entails and which pre-requisites you will need.

M2P @ Passenger Terminal Conference 2023


M2P will hold a presentation at Day 3 at 12:25 CET about ‘Why digital twins fail and how to achieve tangible benefits’.

Meet Michael Jahn and Bert Dijk in Amsterdam!

Why Technical Control Centers need to contribute to Smart Airport Operations

Three major factors that require airport operators to constantly examine and optimize their technical departments for operational success and why you should take on these challenges at your technical control center.
Technical Control Centers need to contribute to Smart Airport Operations!

M2P @ Passenger Terminal Conference 2022


M2P will hold a presentation on Day 3 at 11:25 CET about ‘Leveraging the capabilities of an integrated airport technical control center’.

Meet our Senior Consultants Michael Jahn and Jan-Henrik Reber in Paris!

M2P @ Airport Operations Summit 2022


M2P will attend the Airport Operations Summit and is excited to share knowledge and get in touch with other airport industry experts.

Meet our Senior Manager Marina Lützenberger in Prague!

In 2022, Airports must own their digital destiny

Just when everything looked like the long-awaited recovery for aviation was finally starting to pick up steam, “the Virus” had other ideas. But whilst the industry was hit hard in about all facets of businesses, one silver lining may be its effect on digitalization. Ahead of the holiday break, we look at how airports can utilize this to gain competitive advantages in 2022.

Check-In and Baggage Process Acceleration

Challenging fundamental assumptions and evaluating progressive scenarios to transform airline passenger processes at airports and improve customer experience

M2P Announces Appointment of Laddie Irion to its U.S. Team

M2P Consulting is delighted to welcome Laddie Irion to its U.S. team as Senior Partner. Irion will be providing strategic management and technical consulting to airports, airlines, and transportation agencies.

Metropole Insights Frankfurt: Die Zukunft des Flughafens (German)

Wer Frankfurt kennt, weiß: Diese Stadt wandelt sich kontinuierlich – Gilt das auch für den Flughafen? Der Flughafen Frankfurt am Main ist der größte deutsche Verkehrsflughafen. Gemessen am Fluggastaufkommen war er 2017 nach London-Heathrow, Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle und Amsterdam Schiphol der viertgrößte europäische Flughafen und liegt im weltweiten Vergleich auf dem 14. Rang. Doch wie kann ein […]

Anti-Drone Needs Analysis for Airports

Airports need a neutral evaluation of drone-related risks and a thorough analysis of technology- and procedural-driven counter measures. The evaluation must be open and unbiased, without any marketing or sales ideas in mind. As drone and counter drone technology are both young and emerging technologies, most airports and local authorities are not yet fully prepared for future developments and potential incidents.