Automatic Detection of Events and Object Tracking to support safety & security and to optimize business operations

The massive growth in efficiency for AI allows for utilization of trained models to recognize events on top of real-time video footage, called Video Analytics. Which algorithm to use and how, as well as a profound hardware strategy are key elements to consider when entering the realm of Video Analytics. Due to the upcoming data privacy regulations, this is an important factor to consider, as it may impact current and future implementations of Video Analytics technology. Nevertheless, Video analytics has the potential for significant operational and safety & security benefits.

Benefits Video Analytics

M2P has extensive market knowledge as well as deep understanding of the technology and regulatory challenges that come into play with Video Analytics. We support our customers through various phases of video analytics, ranging from market research, proof of concepts, use case determination to full procurement and implementation support considering the existing video infrastructure. M2P ensures alignment with the strategic goals and has a proven track record for Video Analytics in various industries, including airports, public transportation and the public sector.

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