Current Air Cargo Industry trends offer unprecedented opportunities for cargo carriers and ground handlers. The Cargo Management System is the backbone of cargo operations and therefore a key lever in allowing organizational growth and modern service delivery.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced passenger airlines to drastically reduce their offering, and has at the same time shaken global supply chains, resulting in a boost for air cargo demand and yields. Sooner or later, (belly) capacity will be back in the market, bringing competition probably back to pre-COVID levels – the winners of the crisis will be those cargo carriers and handlers who make smart use of the current tailwind by perpetuating their currently favorable position beyond the crisis.

An effective and modern IT landscape is essential, driving growth as well as enabling integrated new services and better process & cost control. The CMS is the backbone of the air cargo IT landscape, with interfaces to most relevant systems. Consequently, a state-of-the-art CMS is mission-critical for providing smooth operations and services, ensuring efficiency, integrating clients and partners, and enabling meaningful business intelligence (i.e., with accurate transparency on costs and profitability). Today’s best-in-class solutions have reached a high maturity, offering next-level stakeholder integration and service delivery.

A successful CMS replacement counts on defining the right project targets, selecting the best vendor, and executing a sustainable implementation. M2P owns an unequalled track record of numerous, successfully accomplished CMS vendor selection and implementation projects. This enables us to support Carriers and Handlers in driving their initiative most efficiently and with minimized risks to the expected results. We are offering a proven and robust approach consisting of 4 modules:

  • Needs verification: Define the project targets, the potential of process improvements, and a full E2E cost-benefit estimate of the CMS replacement 
  • Requirements Definition: Set up an RFP, including functional and non-functional requirements, and a cost and vendor capability questionnaire 
  • Solution Selection: Transparent selection of the most suitable CMS vendor and scope, and setting up a detailed E2E business case 
  • Project delivery: Ensure a successful project completion, with an in-time, in-budget, in-scope cut-over and sustainable target achievement 

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