Pressure to reduce costs, pressure to grow without increasing headcount, pressure to increase service levels without increasing headcount, and pressure to provide staff greater work-life balance.

These are just a few examples of the primary challenges that Airlines are facing with managing their flying crews.

M2P helps Airlines overcome these challenges by identifying the best ways to plan workforce assignments, the right shift patterns, the right organizational structures, and the right ways of working.

With M2P, clients get access to our industry benchmarks, IT market intelligence, and business acumen. Our industry benchmarks help reduce the risk of under- or over-estimating expected optimization potential through highlighting what other organizations have experienced and which practices, including labor agreements, have been best. Our IT market intelligence helps our clients understand what is technically possible from technology promoted by the market and what the associated going rates are. Our business acumen helps our clients to understand and choose from all potential efficiency opportunities considering their associated pro/con and cost/benefit characteristics.

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The Future of Crew Sourcing and Training

Which trends will influence pilot demand and how can the airline industry prepare? If we fade out the corona pandemic for a moment and recall the news about pilot shortage from two years ago, the picture was clear and transparent