Our clients create new products and services using technology, and they use technology to deliver those products and services on time and within budget.

Operating elements of disruption and transforming demands of digitalization, we as M2P know which technologies our clients need to succeed in their vision.

Technology is all about the people who use it. The right technology solutions make operations easier for staff, improve customer experience, and address key business challenges like managing costs and company growth

We are contineously assessing emerging technologies and solution provider with regards to the actual and future needs of our clients. We are engaged to find the optimal IT solutions for our client needs and helping them successfully implement these.


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How do Technical Innovations Increase Access Control Systems Efficiency?

Access Control Systems (ACS) play a key role in regulating who gains access to secure buildings as well as high security areas such as airports, hospitals, universities, and production plants.

Commissioning Airport IT – What to Consider?

We take a look at common challenges construction companies face when commissioning information technology, further we cover three major areas of focus to avoid pain around the time of launch.

Better Technology Purchase

Buyer Beware – 17 Tips for a Better Technology Purchase

The proceeding article invites senior business, IT, and procurement leaders to rethink the way that they look at, and approach, the purchase of technology.

The Danger of Drones

Who can forget the drone activity at London Gatwick Airport in December 2018, the Christmas plans of approximately 140,000 passengers were ruined. We share our learnings and perspective on this critical topic.