ORCA is our operations control and recovery assistant. It automatically and holistically solves most of the problems and common tasks you encounter in your daily flight schedule related business in front of the day of operations. It recognises and handles delays, AOGs, capacity reductions and more. And at the same time, without one noticing it, it takes care of sustainability aspects like minimising fuel consumption and so, reducing your fleet’s CO2 footprint – all in one step! 

Picture the Future

If you could create your own operations control assistance tool, it would work like ORCA. Whether it’s quick reaction on unforeseen small disruptions, huge global airspace trouble or just indication of upcoming problems before you recognise them and even if you just need something to support you in boring and time consuming all day operations control tasks.

ORCA has you covered.


Automatic Solution


Decision Making

Features trusted by huge Airlines

ORCA has become the first choice for disruption management and daily operations control support for one of the biggest players in the European airline market.
Its unique mathematical model works hand-in-hand with latest powerful optimization technology and so provides blazing fast solution generation and solution quality.

Reach your Sustainability Goals

Besides common OPS support ORCA will save you fuel and CO2 consumption from the start – minute by minute – implicitly. Even if your fleet is of moderate size you can squeeze out tons of fuel and CO2 savings each year depending on the performance factors of your aircraft engines. Just see the realistic numbers from existing customers below! 

Savings from
17 long-haul aircraft

Savings from
66 short-haul aircraft

Savings from
17 long-haul aircraft

Savings from
66 short-haul aircraft

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