Transformation projects require the parallel initiation and implementation of multiple diverse projects within strict time and resource limitations.

Starting all projects simultaneously often leads to organizations becoming overwhelmed; thus, management becomes inadequate, and unable to maintain a thorough overview of all projects. Consequently, problems remain undetected, commonly triggering the “silent death” of important projects, prompting massive frustration amongst all involved parties. 
M2P’s structured Project Portfolio Management helps you to centrally prioritise all projects and monitor the progress and dependencies of “Top Projects”. This simple yet effective approach guarantees success of each project, enables efficient staff deployment, and ultimately allows you to achieve (or even exceed) your corporate objectives. 
Our step-by-step approach ensures your “Top Projects” are selected and monitored purposefully and carefully. In coordination with you, we will establish a clear criterion for assigning “Top Project” status. Alongside this, we will help your employees with project definition (during project initiation) to ensure these projects contribute to your company goals. Following this, we will develop a thorough prioritisation rationale to help simplify the final “Top Project” selection and will subsequently transfer them to a (multi-)annual calendar. Finally, we will establish and implement a system to ensure you are able to efficiently and sustainably manage and monitor progress of your “Top Projects” throughout their lifespan.

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