Fueled by emerging technologies video surveillance in public spaces has become a more powerful security infrastructure.

Video surveillance is an established technology to increase public safety. Over the past years millions of cameras have been installed in public spaces including travel infrastructure (Airports, Railway stations, trains etc.) to provide video footage to security officers located in dedicated control centers. While installed to increase public safety, many incidents can only be after as soon as these incidents were reported and analyzed using recorded video feeds. The manual supervision of video footage has its natural limit.

With the fast development of video analytics technology leveraging biometrics and machine learning video surveillance of public space could get to a new level. The new technologies allows to analyze video footage in real-time and to provide automated alerts without human interaction. Also new use case could be implemented to push the level of public safety even further (for example to implement covid safety measures by tracking the number of people in a specific area). While enabling new use cases the more and more advanced video technology has to comply with data protection and privacy regulations.

With our team of technical and business consultants, we as M2P bridge the gap between the provider and owner / operator of video surveillance technology. Knowing the specific use cases in space of public infrastructure we help our clients to procure and implement the best-fit technology to meet the needs of public safety.

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