Administrative project tasks are often neglected due to their time-consuming and seemingly irrelevant nature. However, even with the best, most comprehensive effort, ignoring such tasks will severely endanger any project or program, and ultimately the long-term success of your transformation aspirations. 

M2P’s well-structured and efficient project or program management office relieves you of these crucial necessary but laborious administrative tasks, enabling you to focus solely on the content needed to achieve your project/programme goals.
During the “Set-up Phase”, we will work together to define the essential elements you need for efficient and effective project/programme management and as a result, we will adapt the established digital tools accordingly to meet your individual needs. Moreover, we will determine which committees are appropriate for your project to help guide and monitor its overall progress. In the succeeding “Planning Phase”, we will ensure thorough planning and establishment of all projects and work packages based on an agreed criteria. 
To ensure our clients feel supported for the entire project/programme duration, we provide continuous assistance from project definition through to project completion (and beyond if required). We promise to constantly monitor project progress, create any required reports, and prepare and follow-up committee meetings in a goal-oriented manner. Furthermore, our highly trained, methodical PMO employees will assist during the planning and execution of specialist workshops, going one step beyond the standard role of a PMO.


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How to Avoid Project Failures – Risks and Success Factors of IT-Projects

Risks and Success Factors of IT Projects According to a survey conducted by Standish Group, 70% of IT projects fail to deliver satisfactory results from an end-user perspective. Projects either fail completely or cannot deliver results within the time or budget. The risk of project failure increases disproportionally to project size. The direct and indirect […]