Despite currently unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, air travel will ultimately return to the long-term growth trajectory, accelerating the need for the airline industry to innovate their operating models, leverage technical innovation, increase workforce and crew efficiency, and ensure exceptional customer experience.

M2P Consulting brings deep industry expertise from working with the world’s top airlines on all aspects of strategic and operational development. We help our clients answer the most vital questions of tomorrow’s air travel landscape, for example:

  • Which airline strategy and positioning will be most successful?
  • How can airlines transform their organizational structure to adapt to the fast-changing environment in aviation?
  • How can analytical solutions give airlines a leading edge in global competition?
  • Which technological innovations are suited to reshuffle business model and operations in the digital age?

With our profound domain expertise, we make our aviation clients accomplish their strategic goals – such as sustainable growth and operational excellence – by optimizing their business models, streamlining their processes, leveraging advanced technology and analytics, and efficiently managing their workforce. Our dedicated airline consultants support our clients across all stages of the aviation value chain, from strategy all the way to transformation.

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Industry Insights

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The Future of Crew Sourcing and Training

Which trends will influence pilot demand and how can the airline industry prepare? If we fade out the corona pandemic for a moment and recall the news about pilot shortage from two years ago, the picture was clear and transparent

Will Rapid Covid-19 Testing at Airports Get The Industry Back in the Air?

What is the solution? How can the industry find its feet and regain the trust and confidence of travelers around the globe? How can travel be seamless and hassle free during the time of Covid?

Airline Network Ramp-Up

Pumping up the Volume

A quick guide to Airline Network Ramp-up, including insights on restoring airline networks under immense uncertainty as well as a five step guide to grow a network.

Workforce Efficiency Case Study

Creating an Efficient Operations Workforce

Not long ago, aviation leaders and analysts were applauding another year of strong growth in air traffic and profitability.