Construction projects based on a Lean Management scheme have a superior track record in terms of on-time completion and savings vs. budget without compromising on quality compared to traditionally managed projects.

The principles of Lean Management have been around for decades and are tried and tested in many industries. Their application to construction projects, however, is more of a novel approach. Given the multitude of stakeholders involved in running a successful building site – from top to bottom – Lean Principles actually offer tangible advantages, as they are generally aiming at optimizing interfaces and enabling individuals or individual units to perform efficiently. 

Of course, as with most projects, these principle’s benefits are generated most effectively if employed from an early stage, i.e. construction planning, or even design phase. M2P staff are trained in Lean Construction Management and the “Last Planner” System. We are experienced in appliying lean and agile project management in construction projects of various scales – ranging from entire airports to refurbishments of smaller functional units. Combined with the M2P teams’ deep technical and operational know-how and management expertise, we will be by your side you from start to finish.

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