M2P’s Procure IT team helps companies choose the right solutions to increase business performance and competitive edge.

New technologies are emerging faster than companies can afford to track. This can be daunting. What are the latest technology innovations? How do you run a successful tender? How will commercial viability be tested?

Selecting and securing the latest technologies requires time, something many of our clients don’t have.

We will work with you to ensure you make the right technology procurement choices.

The M2P Procure IT team has been working with clients across the travel, transport, logistics and public sector industries for over two decades, helping hundreds of global clients reach and maintain their business goals through the successful selection and implementation of the best technology solutions for their company.

We can:

  • Advise from our extensive data on technology innovations that can be procured to meet your business goals.
  • Source and procure the technology solutions that meet your requirements, from the large and often confusing technology procurement market, which we know thoroughly.
  • Stay within your budget.
  • Avoid costly and long term pitfalls by making the right choices now.
  • Successfully embed the most appropriate technology solutions within your business.

Our technology procurement team look forward to talking with you.


  • Once businesses have decided they need technology to help them overcome a challenge, or meet a need, uncertainty about what the next step will be can delay progress.
  • Causes of uncertainty include confusion about how technology can help, what your technology needs actually are, how it would work in practice, securing executive buy-in, or the longevity of the technology.
  • We help you to establish a clear picture of your technology needs, and verify this through our deep database of market knowledge, ensuring you have a solid foundation from which to procure the right technology.

Building your market intelligence

  • We will provide latest trends on technologies that meet your needs.
  • We will identify vendors, vendor products and their differentiators.
  • We will conduct a detailed analysis of required systems or technologies.
  • We will evaluate each functionality according to your requirements.

In addition, we will conduct a fit-gap analysis to emphasize which requirements require customization compared with the standard solution.

  • We build an IT business case that protects you from pitfalls such as hidden costs, sub-optimal returns, and changes in technological direction.
  • We ensure you have a water-tight business case that clearly communicates your requirements (we will work with you to identify these).
  • The business case will give you a clear path to follow for the short, medium and long term, and will include cost build-ups, substantiated gains forecasts, and scope alternatives.
  • Commercial viability will be stringently measured based on number crunching using the vast amount of data we have accrued.
  • Once your business case is complete, we will create the procurement strategy. This includes defining a clear view on how you will procure your IT/technology solutions.
  • Key questions to consider are:
    • Do I need a RFL/RFQ before launching a RFP?
    • Is the scope structured in separate lots to invite smaller companies or do I prefer a larger integrator with a one-size-fits-all proposal?
    • What is a useful approach to challenge the proposal response? (eg, vendor workshop, site visit, sandbox test);
  • M2P helps organizations answer these questions by identifying the right solution that will meet your goals.

This stage is all about having a very clear understanding of each vendor’s proposal, so that you select the proposal that meets and delivers your requirements, while ensuring buy in from stakeholders within your organisation.

  • We know the travel, transport, and logistics market inside out which means you will save valuable time searching for the right solution – we will do that for you.
  • We will scrutinize all possible provider options through carrying out requirement checks, using a weighted scoring process to rate each potential supplier, due diligence checks, cost and value assessments, and a market value analysis. Our evaluation and scoring method balances a vendor’s functional fit against its commercial viability.
  • We will run a fast and efficient tender process.
  • Above all, we will ensure you procure the best possible IT solution for your business.

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