Tim Holmgren

Meet Tim, a seasoned manager in the consulting industry who joined our Frankfurt office in early 2023. Having delivered various hyperautomation technologies such as RPA or DPA, Tim has 3+ years’ experience in streamlining processes, agile implementation and roll-out of software solutions and change management. Additionally, Tim has an extensive background in strategy and M&A consulting […]

Dennis Reichelt

Dennis is a Manager in our Frankfurt office and lives in Berlin. He started his career with M2P in 2016 and since then he has managed various projects, mainly in the aviation industry, focusing on IT, process optimization, project steering and PMO. His passion for airports reflects his broad expertise in airport technical commissioning and […]

Michael Jahn

Michael is a Manager at M2P’s Frankfurt office and has been with M2P since 2019. At M2P he is leading the Airport industry group and has delivered multiple projects, ranging from strategy and organizational development to digitalization and software implementation as well as facility management. Before moving to the Aviation Industry, Michael was working for […]

Michael McCarter

Michael is a Manager based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He has been with M2P since 2021 and has experience in the commercial, operational, and technology-side of the aviation industry. Since joining M2P, Michael has worked on an array of projects ranging from workforce transformation to operational strategy development. Michael has a proven track record […]

Franziska Burmester

Franziska is a Senior Manager at M2P’s Frankfurt office and has been with M2P since 2014. Her experience with M2P includes extensive work with Airlines, Airports and Rail Operators across the globe. Franziska is particularly experienced in working with companies on workforce planning, business process reengineering, IT procurement and digitalization. Franziska’s strength is primarily on […]

Frank Morbitzer

Frank is a Senior Manager in our Frankfurt office and has been with M2P since 2012. He leads our firm’s operations control as well as our products and tools software engineering teams. His experience with M2P includes project management and active development in the area of operations control software and disruption recovery tools at a huge […]

Arthur Ozimek

Arthur is a Manager in our Frankfurt office. Arthur is particularly experienced with the realization of digital transformation. He has extensive experience as a project manager, professional application architect and requirement engineer in developing complex business software systems for well-known large companies in numerous agile and classic projects. His current specialist focus is on ground […]