Continuously growing air traffic demands a lot from Airport Operations, such as the highest standards in safety, security, reliability, efficiency and customer experience. To successfully evolve in the face of increasing infrastructure constraints and a high degree of change, the effective implementation of optimized processes and technologies whilst developing close stakeholder relationships is key. 

Conventional Airport economics are under pressure like never before, as competition between airport increases and airlines are pushing for discounts and lower charges. Given the rather inflexible nature of the financing part of airports’ cost structure, operational processes hold decisive importance for leveraging efficiency gains and controlling cost. This is particularly important as both the public and airport shareholders are increasingly demanding a leaner, greener and more agile organizational setup. 

M2P offers solutions and services to developers, authorities and airport operators, at all stages of infrastructure (re-)development and -optimization. We work with our clients to transform their challenges into opportunity. Whether it’s operations management, facility management, information technology, construction management or workforce, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

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In 2022, Airports must own their digital destiny

Just when everything looked like the long-awaited recovery for aviation was finally starting to pick up steam, “the Virus” had other ideas. But whilst the industry was hit hard in about all facets of businesses, one silver lining may be its effect on digitalization. Ahead of the holiday break, we look at how airports can utilize this to gain competitive advantages in 2022.

Check-In and Baggage Process Acceleration

Challenging fundamental assumptions and evaluating progressive scenarios to transform airline passenger processes at airports and improve customer experience

Anti-Drone Needs Analysis for Airports

Airports need a neutral evaluation of drone-related risks and a thorough analysis of technology- and procedural-driven counter measures. The evaluation must be open and unbiased, without any marketing or sales ideas in mind. As drone and counter drone technology are both young and emerging technologies, most airports and local authorities are not yet fully prepared for future developments and potential incidents.

Airport Operations

2021 Airport Covid Outlook – Three Key Trends that Will Shape a Better Rebuild

Covid-19 has brought aviation to it’s knees. However, in the early days of the pandemic almost a year ago, we knew much less about the virus’ propagation behavior and potential countermeasures than we do today.