Assessing staffing needs considering various growth, service level and sourcing strategy.

Baby boomers are retiring, the labor market continues to tighten, business growth and heightened service expectations are driving greater headcount needs, traditional roles are disappearing, and new skills are being required. These are just a few examples of the primary challenges that organizations are facing with their workforces.

M2P helps organizations overcome these challenges by delivering substantiated staffing needs considering various growth and service level scenarios, future role needs and qualifications, and the right insourcing / outsourcing strategy.

With M2P, clients get access to our industry benchmarks, talent market intelligence, and business acumen. Our industry benchmarks help our clients to further justify their workforce plans through highlighting how other organizations have navigated or are navigating comparable obstacles and risks. Our talent market intelligence helps our clients to justify their insource / outsource strategy based on the availability of related talent and going rates for new and future roles. Our business acumen helps our clients to understand and choose from all potential staffing strategies considering their associated pro/con and cost/benefit characteristics.

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