Construction projects are enormous challenges for airports today and their complexity will continue to increase.

New market developments, e.g. revenue streams, changing airline types, new technologies and evolving legal frameworks lead to continually changing requirements for developers and planners. All too often these gaps only become evident with the installation and configuration of a new product or device, or as the commissioning phase is commencing. This leads to severe peaks in effort, time required and escalating costs for both constructors’ and the airports’ side. 

Systems must be configured according to client or federal requirements. Integration into existing landscapes are painful, long-lasting, demanding encounters. Often the concept of operations, operating procedures and the right contingency plans are missing at time of development, or even during construction itself. M2P has a proven track record to deal with these challenges. We have designed a holistic manual on how to transform construction sites into airports and ensure they can be operated by the responsible departments.

With our mixed team of engineers, subject matter experts and analysts, we bridge the gap between construction and operations as well as the management board. We offer our clients end to end support from technical project management and PMO with innovative project approaches (e.g. LCM), distinct testing approaches, a test database of +1200 test cases, as well as testing and integration approaches. 

Our keys to success are:

  • transparent and neutral reporting
  • deep understanding of airport systems and facilities
  • our process driven, logical mindset

The M2P team has deep technical and operational know-how and management expertise, and will work with you to get the job done.

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