Could COVID-19 Give Biometrics the All-Clear?

Could COVID-19 Give Biometrics the All-Clear? Over the past few uncertain months, aviation leaders have been diligently working to mitigate the risks presented to their employees, passengers, and shareholders by COVID-19. In lieu of definitive and specific long-term guidance from government authorities, leaders have been racing to identify and evaluate the right technology, procedural changes, […]

Biometric Data Challenge

Is Blockchain a Match for Biometrics’ Data Challenge?

Introduction Technology enthusiasts are eager to see biometric technologies become the norm in identity verification, as are public and private sector leaders who are focused on protecting societies and maximizing financial bottom-lines. But while biometrics have proven their ability to enhance safety, security, efficiency, and revenue, a major hurdle continues to stand in the way; […]

Anti-Drone Needs Analysis for Airports

THE SITUATION Drone technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, with greater usability promoting greater usage. Within the next five years, the drone market is expected to double in size, which will continue to make the technology more accessible to the general public. Additionally, the amount of drone sightings and incidents in restricted airspaces is expected […]


How do Technical Innovations Increase Access Control Systems Efficiency?

Access Control Systems (ACS) play a key role in regulating who gains access to secure buildings as well as high security areas such as airports, hospitals, universities, and production plants.

The Danger of Drones

Why and how Should Airports Protect Themselves From This Growing Threat?