How does Video Analytics Help Airports to Implement COVID-19 Hygiene Regulations?

Introduction For several month the COVID-19 outbreak has limited public and professional life globally. Air travel and tourism have been especially impacted by a wave of measures designed to prevent the spread of the virus. As the peak is past and the lockdown is being lifted, public life in most European countries is coming back. […]

What’s next for Airports – The Conflict of Turning Down Costs

Introduction The crisis gives Airports a one-time chance to shake off legacy cost – but they face conflicting requirements. Most Airports’ financial situation may not have received similar media attention as airlines in the Covid-19 shutdown, but this does not mean their businesses are not having to undergo significant change. With traffic at many airports […]

Biometric Data Challenge

Is Blockchain a Match for Biometrics’ Data Challenge?

Introduction Technology enthusiasts are eager to see biometric technologies become the norm in identity verification, as are public and private sector leaders who are focused on protecting societies and maximizing financial bottom-lines. But while biometrics have proven their ability to enhance safety, security, efficiency, and revenue, a major hurdle continues to stand in the way; […]


How do Technical Innovations Increase Access Control Systems Efficiency?

Access Control Systems (ACS) play a key role in regulating who gains access to secure buildings as well as high security areas such as airports, hospitals, universities, and production plants.

Control Center

Control Center Optimization – The Pivot of Technical Service Quality and Efficiency

Three major factors require airport operators to constantly examine and optimize their technical departments for continued operational success: New and tightening regulatory and environmental requirements drive the technical complexity of buildings, facilities and plants as well as the difficulty of their operation\n Competition for returning traffic is fierce among airports, due to substantial overcapacity. Thus, […]

Commissioning Airport IT – What to consider?

It is not uncommon for airport projects to be delayed or launched with outstanding issues and flaws, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Opening a Brand New Airport

Introduction Airport construction projects tend to be large and lengthy, spanning multiple phases, taking years to complete. When the big opening day of the new airport or terminal building finally arrives, only the tip of the iceberg is seen by the public, along with the political representatives, local dignitaries, airline CEOs and media lucky enough […]

Will Rapid Covid-19 Testing at Airports Get The Industry Back in the Air?

Restoring airline networks under immense uncertainty

Better Technology Purchase

Buyer Beware – 17 Tips for a Better Technology Purchase

The proceeding article invites senior business, IT, and procurement leaders to rethink the way that they look at, and approach, the purchase of technology.

The Danger of Drones

Why and how Should Airports Protect Themselves From This Growing Threat?