M2P Speaks About “The Future of Disruption Management Solutions”

This years AGIFORS Airline Operations 2020 Study Group Meeting has been re-imagined as a virtual, online conference. It is scheduled for 1 June to 5 June 2020 online. The key topic of this years conference is “What has COVID-19 done to our airlines – and what can software vendors, decision support solutions, and consultancies do to help us restore our operations to normal?”

Our consultant Dr. Sebastian Heger has been invited to speak about the future of disruption management solutions – “Is corona just a giant disruption or will it introduce a radical change?”

The central questions will be, if existing disruption management solution will be valuable to handle corona crisis situation and the necessary reboot or will the there be need for airlines to equip with those solutions (or modify existing ones) to the upcoming situation? Therefore, we discuss the following 4 sub-questions:

  • What will be the future complexity of air traffic?
  • What might be future challenges in airline operations caused by the shut-down?
  • Might disruptions affect airline operations in a different way in the future?
  • What actions will airlines take to change their disruption management strategy and tool landscape?

More information about the conference could be found on the respective conference website agifors.org/ops-2020

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