Two things are essential in tomorrow’s Facility Management: efficiency and customer care.

A major risk to these two focus areas is disruption. Therefore, a well-functioning control center is crucial to the success of daily business in technical facility management and at the same time it is the face and voice to the customer. In order to ensure the long-term success of your facility management, four aspects need to be analyzed, benchmarked and optimized:

  • System – By introducing state-of-the-art systems, the efficiency of the employees is increased. Customer satisfaction is also increased by enhancing transparency and quality.
  • Processes – Clear cross-departmental process definitions enable agile and targeted troubleshooting. This saves valuable seconds for field services and SLA compliance.
  • Organization – The necessary decisiveness of the employees is only encouraged if responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • People – Although the scene is dominated by terms such as chatbots, AI and predictive maintenance, the backbone of critical infrastructure facility management remains the staff. It’s vital to create an environment that does justice to this.

Our Facility Management Control Center Optimization approach targets three goals:

  1. Reduce risk exposure through error
  2. Improve quality and efficiency
  3. Surpass client and management expectation.

Combining our industry experience with proven tools and methodologies as well as transformation project experience, M2P promises to guide you to project success regardless of your individual concerns, conflicts, or complexities.