Effizienzsteigerung und Transparenz durch Digitalisierung des Flughafen – Störungsmanagements

Einleitung Effizientes Störungsmanagement ist eine der Kernaufgaben der Facility-Management-Abteilungen von Flughäfen, um eine hohe Anlagenverfügbarkeit zu gewährleisten und somit die Voraussetzungen für einen reibungslosen Flugbetrieb zu schaffen. Es handelt sich um einen komplexen Prozess, da darin Mitarbeiter aller Airport-Bereiche sowie externe Dienstleister aktiv involviert sind. M2P wurde in diesem Zusammenhang von einem europäischen Großflughafen mit […]

M2P als “Top Consultant 2021” ausgezeichnet

Der Beratervergleich “Top Consultant” hilft Mittelständlern, die passenden Berater zu finden. Ob es um Management, Strategie, um IT-Lösungen, Personal- oder Finanzierungsfragen geht: “Wichtig ist, dass Beratungsunternehmen die speziellen Bedürfnisse ihrer mittelständischen Kunden kennen und darauf eingehen”, sagt Dietmar Fink, Professor für Unternehmensberatung an der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Dietmar Fink ist Co-Leiter der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Management […]

COVID-19: What Comes After the First Thunderclap in Aviation Workforce Management?

What is currently happening to the global aviation industry is unprecedented in every matter. And so are the measures we are seeing. Lufthansa has already grounded about 700 of its 763 aircraft and AirFranceKLM prepares to reduce their available seat kilometers by up to 90%. Meanwhile, Austrian Airlines and Ryanair have announced a complete cease […]

Airline Restart

COVID-19: Five How-To’s for a Stronger Airline Restart

With most of the main economic powers in some stage of lockdown, Aviation is suffering as one of the hardest-hit industries. At the time of writing, the vast majority of European Airlines have either ceased operations or radically downscaled, whilst Airports are contending with traffic drops in the region of 90%, leading German Airports to […]

COVID-19: How will Airport Operations be Impacted?

During the COVID-induced shutdown, airports are finding themselves caught between differing, often conflicting information and requirements from their stakeholders – both airlines and travelers, as well as their regulatory authorities. At this stage, ahead of most countries’ case number peak, it is difficult to identify the correct models and scenarios for post-travel-ban market behaviors. At […]

Could COVID-19 Give Biometrics the All-Clear?

Could COVID-19 Give Biometrics the All-Clear? Over the past few uncertain months, aviation leaders have been diligently working to mitigate the risks presented to their employees, passengers, and shareholders by COVID-19. In lieu of definitive and specific long-term guidance from government authorities, leaders have been racing to identify and evaluate the right technology, procedural changes, […]

Thinking Idea

Airline Recovery After the COVID-19 Crisis – The Real Disruption is Yet to Come

Global Shut-down Ever since the Corona virus left China and started its pandemic rampage around the globe, the subsequent lock-down of entire economies has severely struck a multitude of industries – but hardly any other sector has suffered as much as the travel industry, including (passenger) air transport. Airlines were forced to ground most of […]

How When Where

How, When, Where … – To Ramp-up Airline Workforce?

A Myriad of Questions As we reach the peak of COVID-19’s infection curve through the western world, the unenviable task of rebuilding and resuming operations in a post-pandemic society lies ahead. Airlines will have to find ways to weather the crisis and accommodate a “new normal”. As preparations begin to restore operations, a myriad of […]

Foresee the Unforeseeable

Foresee the Unforeseeable – Airline Demand Forecasting in Times of COVID-19

The Challenge: Predicting Demand for Air Traffic in a Highly Disruptive Environment The current Corona pandemic has devastated many industries, but only a few with the vigor that struck the aviation sector. Under the impression of international travel bans and national lock-downs, customers were unable or unwilling to travel anymore. Thus, airlines were forced to […]

What’s next for Airports – The Conflict of Turning Down Costs

Introduction The crisis gives Airports a one-time chance to shake off legacy cost – but they face conflicting requirements. Most Airports’ financial situation may not have received similar media attention as airlines in the Covid-19 shutdown, but this does not mean their businesses are not having to undergo significant change. With traffic at many airports […]